Check out this delicious health bar in Bo-Kaap, Cape Town

I am a true believer in the saying: ‘focus on one thing and do it well.’ (Well, two is also perfectly acceptable.) This is definitely the case for DETOX, a locally-owned and sourced vegan health bar positioned right at the entrance of Bo-Kaap, Cape Town’s infamous colorful neighborhood. DETOX specializes in two things: cold-pressed juices and smoothies. They only have four varieties of each, totalling eight different types of options on the menu (that is, if all ingredients are available on the day). No, for the ‘indecisives’ out there, this does not mean a painless decision-making process. Let me tell you; every single drink sounds so good, you will narrow down your options, think you’ve decided, but then you’ll second guess, and finally, end up ordering a couple different things.

Pro Tip: If you’re lucky enough to be travelling with a group of friends, convince each one to grab a different choice and then try a bit of everything! The yumminess will completely cloud any queasy thoughts you might have about sharing. Guaranteed.

I almost missed this place, if it weren’t for my picture-taking addiction. (Apparently, when you’re crouching down, you suddenly start noticing new things, like signs inviting you to check out the places located right in front of you.) When we stepped in, the shop was almost closing. We had no idea! The owner made us feel extremely welcomed and described, with much enthusiasm, may I add, why every one of the drinks is his absolute favourite! I mean, you can’t blame him. I really can’t imagine picking favourites here! He even started playing hip electro music to maintain the ambience. I mean, man, if you need to close, don’t make me wanna stay!

I had the ‘LAMBORGREENI,’ as I was super intrigued by the Cayenne Pepper addition into the mix. Let me tell you, it was super refreshing. This, coupled with the basil were giving it such an interesting taste, flavours you don’t normally encounter in your typical drink.


kale + basil + apple + celery +

spinach + himalayan salt + cayenne pepper

My friend tried the ‘POWER ISLAND’ and oh. my. god. The drink was so delicious, I wanted to grab it when he wasn’t looking, run away and just finish it somewhere far away! Sorry Jeff!


ginger + banana + pineapple + coconut oil + coconut milk +

turmeric + cinnamon + maca root + chia seeds

If you ever find yourself in the Bo-Kaap neighbourhood, I encourage you to give this place a try. Stop for a drink (or two) at DETOX, have a sit on the window and make peace with the fact that this one will probably top the chart of the most delicious drinks you’ve had!

Happy detoxing! 😉



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