Happy National Ice Cream Day! My favourite scoops from around the world.

Today is a celebration for all of us who keep lying to ourselves that ice cream is not a dessert, but something we consume, out of necessity, on a hot day. Raises hand slowly. Today, I celebrate my indulgent consumption and the reason for occasionally stepping foot in the gym! Here are my favourite scoops (including frozen yoghurt creations) from around the world (in no particular order).


cows [Canada]

This Canadian brand is a staple treat for all of us who find ourselves chasing beautiful scenery in the nation’s beloved small towns: Niagara-On-The-Lake, Whistler & Banff! What you may not know is that Cows was actually founded on the East Coast. You can still take a tour of its Creamery in P.E.I., if you ever find yourself in Charlottetown. Try the ‘Cowconut Cream Pie’ or the ‘Cownadian Maple’ – the lines are worth the wait!

pride & joy [Auckland, New Zealand]

The next time you step into one of its stores, pay attention – you may be greeted by one of Pride & Joy’s ‘Remarkable Unemployees.’ The company helps young people navigate the hurdles of unemployment by assisting them with launching ice cream franchises. Now that’s an idea we can ponder over while enjoying Joy’s signature scoops! My favourite flavours are Rum & Coconut or Salted Popcorn!

ten ren’s tea 天仁茗茶 [Hong Kong]

This Taiwanese-inspired bubble tea joint, with multiple locations across Hong Kong, serves delicious tea-based soft ice cream. You can try assam, oolong or green tea flavours! Equally delicious, you can pair it with one of Ten Ren’s signature drink creations, like the ‘Iced Green Tea with Fresh Fruits!’ Enjoy!

morelli’s [u.k./world]

Dating back over 100 years, this famous ice cream parlour was started by an Italian immigrant to the U.K. Its delicious flavours stayed true to the Italian gelato-making process, with recipes being passed along generations. You can find it in select stores across the U.K., Middle East, Asia and in Dallas, TX. Do indulge if you pass by!

blk 513 [Manila, Philippines]

Have you ever tried charcoal-flavoured frozen yoghurt? If you ever find yourself in Manila, check it out at BLK 513. You can pick your flavour, toppings and sauce. Charcoal, especially as it is yoghurt-based, can taste a bit earthy-sour, so do balance it out with some sweet alternatives. I opted for the chocolate syrup, granola crunch and fresh strawberries! Definitely something you can journal about.

laura secord [Canada]

A Canadian symbol dating back from 1913, this chocolate and ice cream company brings back fond memories of childhood. Superkid flavour, anyone? Every child who grew up in Canada can probably relate – it’s a treat that your parents most likely got you as a reward for behaving, while on a Saturday trip to the mall. What you may not know is that the name is based on the Canadian heroine who walked for 30km to alert the British troops of the American attacks during the War of 1812. Now you can tick off your Canadian history lesson of the day, over a scoop of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (this is me thinking I’ve outgrown Superkid…)

eis greissler [Vienna, Austria]

I absolutely loved the flavours of this popular Austrian ice-cream parlour. Your taste buds will thank you, with inventions like caramel pretzel, elderflower or poppyseed! All ingredients are freshly made and they even have vegan options. Yes, there will be a lineup, but you know that’s because there’s something good scoopin’ inside.

iCremeria [Hong Kong]

This is one ice cream spot in Hong Kong that I keep going to over and over again (pretty much every single time that I’m there)! Its Japanese-inspired flavours, including matcha and red bean accompaniments, will get you addicted, due to their soft and creamy texture. Pro tip: go early, as they often run out of ingredients / flavours! You can find it at the basement level of the SOGO department store.

milk & honey [Singapore]

Matcha Del Coco. How did they know that when it comes to ice cream, matcha and coconut flavours are generally my go-to choices? This dessert was so satisfying, I’m pretty sure I kept some in the mini fridge for later! Go try their artisan creations or make your own. You can find them across Singapore and even in Changi T3!

boulders beach [Cape Town, South Africa]

While you’re on your way to visit the cute penguins at Boulders Beach, stop by this tiny corner ice cream spot. You won’t miss it, as it’s right by the entrance to the parking lot. They serve delicious sorbets and a really flavourful affogato. Perfect accompaniment to those sunny, South African days.

godiva [world]

If you’re a fan of their chocolate, you’ll probably become a fan of their ice cream too. It’s delicious and a quick pick-me-up wherever you go. I find Godiva now expanded to quite a few places around the world, including most malls, so you’ll be sure to find one wherever your travels may lead you to!

May your day be as refreshing and sweet as all those delicious scoops combined!



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