Thank you for stopping by! I am a very curious person, often interested in some peculiar things. By drawing from fields like cultural studies, visual arts and design, poetry and literature, social psychology, anthropology or urban studies, I strive to learn more about what defines who we are and the places we live in. This blog serves as part travel inspiration, part idea exploration.

I am often intrigued by the rich history that is carried across centuries by people, buildings, pieces of art, stories or other mediums. We often take for granted many of the experiences we have without a full understanding of how things came to be, why they are this way and most importantly, how and why humans influenced their development. I am also equally fascinated by our current society, the challenges we face, the ways we choose to express ourselves and the traces we plan to leave behind.

How do we learn from the past, preserve it, and share the lessons? What does the past tell us about who we are today? How does our current culture look like? And, what do we want to leave behind for the future?

I will try to explore some of these questions and many more in the posts to follow. I will focus on anything that I find interesting, inspiring and worth sharing. Most of my writing will focus on places I visited, plan to visit or hope to see one day.

Hope you’ll join me on this personal journey and please drop me an e-mail if you would like to get in touch!

P.S. Credit is given to all pictures or information that is copyrighted. For photos, if no source is provided, the photo was taken by me. If you feel any source is missing, please send me a message and I will gladly add it. Thank you!

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